Sunday, August 2, 2009

Willard (1971)

inferior to the remake.

willard is an odd little horror film about a troubled boy and his developing obsession with his rat friends. willard (bruce davidson) is working a shitty job for a boss who hates him, his mother is constantly nagging him and making his life miserable, he has no friends, etc. he befriends a bunch of rats he finds in his house and trains them to do things for him. he starts to treat the white rat, socrates, better than the rest, and ben, another important rat, becomes jealous and eventually turns on willard. the story is good, but the acting is pretty shitty overall. ernest borgnine plays willard's boss who treats him like shit. willard is convinced that he killed his father, and is forcing him to sell his mansion after his mother dies. the remake (which i saw years ago in theaters) is far superior to this one. crispin glover was amazing, and the horror elements were a lot creepier. i'm glad i saw this one though finally.

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