Monday, October 20, 2008


disturbing documentary, even though a lot was dramatized...

i found this story fascinating ever since i heard about the guy they call "mr. hands" on the internet. he's the guy who got fucked up the ass by horses, and one time the horse cock ripped his insides up and he bled to death. crazy shit. the interviews on the documentary gave plenty of insight into the whole 'zoophilia' thing, which was interesting. a lot of the things talked about were acted out by actors, which was kind of lame. i would have liked to see the interviewers faces more than the reenactments. the subject is interesting to me, but the execution wasn't too amazing. also, it was pretty short.

Ghost Town

ricky gervais is great

i love ricky gervais. and greg kinnear. the story is good and mixes humor with drama/romance well. did i mention i love ricky gervais? probably another actor wouldn't have been able to pull the role off as well. also, the fucking rocketeer is in it! great film overall.

Van Wilder

its been done before...

obviously dumb college sex romp with ryan renolds, and kal penn.


teenage hormones mixed with a little bit of heart.

obviously porky's is the epitomy of teenage sex comedies. it isn't too bad actually, especially for its time. the girls are hot, the story is silly, and there is even a little bit of goodwill thrown in. the jewish kid becomes friends with the bigot/redneck, and the jerks get what they had coming to them. overall pretty entertaining, even though it is often very dumb.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Masters of the Universe

i know its based on a damn toy, but seriously.

this truly sucked. i never got a chance to see the live action masters of the universe as a kid. maybe if i did, i would look back on it with fond memories. the acting sucked (obviously), the make-up and set designs all sucked, and the worst part was that fucking skeletor sucked balls! he was nothing like i was hoping he would look/act like. also fucking beastman was a joke. all the action was sloppy and boring. MOTU had lame jokes and a boring dumb script... even for movies based on cartoons/toys.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Foot Fist Way

surprisingly good

i didn't have much as far as expectations for this film coming in. danny mcbride (hot rod, tropic thunder, etc.) is one of the funniest guys i've seen in films lately. everything he says is hilarious. in foot fist way he's pretty good as not only being funny, but also human with some good dramatic performances. the foot fist way was kinda touching in a way. the dude gets his life shattered, but overcomes. pretty fucking cool. lots of quirky shit goes on, and plenty of laughs are had, but overall the story is pretty damn good and kinda inspiring.

hope i'm not looking too far into this one, but i digress. kinda reminds me of 'the promotion' with john c. reilley. another good low budget flick.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Death Proof

zoe bell as... herself? wow!

seriously, this was painful. all who care who the fuck zoe bell is, please let me know. no one gives a shit miss new zealand stuntwoman of a whole 5 years.
i know its supposed to be a throwback to the old grindhouse movies of old, but quentin's pointless 2 hour long shitfest is neither campy nor entertaining. the conversations were horribly boring, and overall i hated everyone in the movie (except rosario dawson who is hot as usual). also, vanessa ferlito (butterfly) is so completely unattractive that it made my head hurt. what's up with her damn left nostril???? i love kurt russell though, so that was cool. planet terror was better by far. this was just a pointless mess, but i guess that's what quentin was going for.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jacob's Ladder

good war/psychological thriller

i really didn't know much about jacob's ladder going in, but i knew it looked very interesting. tim robbins is a vietnam vet who sees demons and doesn't know what is real and what is not. is he dead? did the government use chemicals to fuck up his brain in nam? is he really dating the smoking hot Elizabeth Peña? well, the movie explains things pretty well, and much better than most of the hollywood crap coming out these days. tim robbins is great as usual. jason alexander and macauley culkin have small parts in it as well. i love that creepy kid.

21 Grams

benecio del toro...

wow, i fucking love benecio as an actor. ever since i first saw him in fear and loathing in las vegas. he's amazing in 21 grams. took me a long damn time to finally see this movie, and i'm glad i did. director Alejandro González Iñárritu (amores perros) did a great job. i loved amores perros, and the way he interweaved stories so well. 21 grams is similar as far as structure, but i think the story/stories are better in grams. sean penn was pretty good, but creepy for the most part. i don't like naomi watts much in this, mostly because she is so damn skinny and unattractive (physically and emotionally). whatever, i still loved this 2003 drama.

Eagle Eye

waste of time and money

so my dad and i decided to see a flick thursday night, and the we were between showings for almost everything decent. the only movie we had any shot to see was this load of crap. eagle eye is just the usual big budget action movie we all have seen many times before. 2 hours of shia lebouf and some chick (who sucked) run around in a mindless stupor following orders from any and every electronic display around them for seemingly no apparant reason is not what i'd call a good action flick.

its been done to death before. setup: government builds giant super computer to monitor all security cameras/cell phones/electronic devices around the country... but wait, the computer turns against the government in what it perceives as being a national threat and by using its superior logic, decides the best course of action is to kill the president, vp, speaker, etc. and restore order... blah, blah, blah. michael chicklets is in it too. he sucked as the commish.