Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rubin and Ed

crispin glover + howard hesseman =

win. rubin and ed is such a strange buddy road comedy. crispin glover plays rubin farr, a 20 something loser who has no friends, life, ambitions, etc. all he wants to do is stay in his mom's home and listen to music all day. howard hesseman is ed, a loser salesman who is trying to work things out with his wife, and become successful at a network marketing scheme. he tries to get rubin to go to a seminar with him and rubin ends up ambushing his car to drive to the desert to bury his dead cat! this is all awesome. the 2 hate eachother, and over time come to understand the other. the movie is made by local utahn trent harris, and it's filmed in various areas in the state. it's quirky and fun with some good heart thrown in.

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