Sunday, August 2, 2009

Herb and Dorothy

seemingly boring, it's actually interesting

herb & dorothy is a documentary about the vogels, a prominant couple in the art world. they have been collecting relatively obscure minimalist art for the past 30 + years, on a very limited budget. they both have a knack for spotting good art, and do it for the love of the art, not for profit. now in their late age this documentary profiles their life and gives us an insight into their unique passion. the film is quite informative, and it's refreshing to see people doing something for the passion and not for the money. they eventually donate all the art to an art museum even though the collection is worth millions! it's all very cool. the documentary from a technical standpoint isn't anything that amazing, and there are a few parts where we're bogged down in dumb details such as the couple's lack of technology in their apartment. also, we get to see plenty of unique and amazing pieces of artwork which is always good.

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