Sunday, August 16, 2009


odd film about growing up

o'horten is a norwegian film about a man named odd. odd horten is a retiring train conductor who has lived a risk free life and has gotten little of what he has wanted from it. he spent 40 years in a stable job, never having a wife or kids, or real adventure. now that he's going to be free of this all he is left wondering what to do, and goes on a series of adventures all of which are entertaining and odd. the film is both funny and slightly tragic at the same time. odd breaks into an apartment, gets detained by airline security, accompanies a man who prefers to drive blind, midnight ski jumps and much more in this interesting film. i hesitate to call this quirky, because it goes so well with the movie. odd's adventures help him come of age in a sense... even though he's in his mid 60's. i really enjoyed this movie.

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