Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

blah love story featuring 2 annoying leads

i still really like michael cera, even after seeing him in year one. however, in nick and norah's infinite playlist (such a pretentious title btw) he is annoying as holy hell. he stars as nick, an indie hipster who is into music, but he just had his heart broken by tris... a heartless bitch who cheats on men often. he's uber sad and in search of closure. along comes norah (kat dennings) an equally annoying hipster who is in love with nick even before she ever met him. the whole film takes place one night when one of norah's friends needs a ride home cause she's hammered, and nick's friends want the 2 love birds to hang out together all night... really dumb stuff, and i swear i've seen this film many times under different titles. i certainly didn't hate this film, but it was very predictable, kinda silly and quirky, and like i said the leads were annoying. the only funny stuff involved michael cera's gay bandmates/friends.

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