Thursday, December 16, 2010


very absorbing documentary

on the surface catfish seems like a very slight story of an internet romance, but while watching this documentary unfold you get sucked in and it turns into more of a mystery/thriller than anything else. nev is a photographer whose pictures strike the fancy of an 8 year old Michigan artist who starts to paint many of them. the two form an online friendship and her family befriends nev. eventually nev forms a relationship with abby's older sister also online and on the phone. as the movie plays you realize that something isn't quite right about the whole situation. i went into this film knowing almost nothing, and i think that's why i enjoyed it so much. excellent film about facebook relationships, internet life and love, and much more.

The Tale of Despereaux

great animation, but very weak plot

so despereaux is a mouse who's not afraid of stuff, he's brave and curious... so he ends up reading stories of knights and honor and saving princesses... he ends up going on an adventure with a rat and they try to save the kingdom because the king is so grief stricken he outlaws soup. pretty lame, and not much happens honestly. the best part of the film is the great animation style and design.

The Town

ben affleck showcases his talents

the town is an excellent crime drama/thriller written by, directed by, and starring ben affleck. he plays doug, an amazing bankrobber in Charleston Massachusetts (the town). along with his gang of experts they pull off jobs like clockwork. doug ends up falling for a hostage (rebecca hall) he takes and they form a relationship. all the while the FBI is on their case and trying to use any resources they can to catch them. the film is very well made, and it's not some silly CSI style crime drama. this film is intense and realistic in almost every way. the romance and stuff is predictable, and the narrative shifts from affleck to jon hamm (FBI leader), and it's hard to tell who we should root for. imagine a better version of heat, that's more realistic. that's the town.