Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Crazies (2010)

totally different from the original, but still good

the crazies remake is pretty damn good for a horror remake, and i really liked the realism and intensity, even though they made it more of a straight up thriller/horror film. the crazies were easy to identify, and the scares took the main stage, but it was really well executed so i like it. i also liked that there weren't any really big name actors or too many cliches. good job.

The Crazies (1973)

pretty good thriller from george romero

although george a. romero doesn't stray too far from the zombie genre, he does tend to do a good job no matter what. the crazies isn't a zombie film, but rather a story about a virus outbreak that turns people insane and a small town that gets infected. the military swoops in and keeps the people in the dark while rounding them up and killing many of them. a good theme in this film is, 'who is really crazy?' and even though the special effects are dated and not impressive, it's still a good story and decent film. we'll see how the remake turned out.

Operation Endgame

great cast, horrible script and execution

man this looked like a winner. rob corddry, zach galifinakas, bob odenkirk, and more, problem is that the film has more drama/action than comedy, and the script is so slight and almost nothing really happens. a bunch of funny people got together and threw this film together with almost no real ideas at all. it's based on a government secret agency that is operating behind the scenes and the leader gets killed or something and then operation endgame is engaged. now the guys need to kill eachother and end the operation before the world ends or something. it's lame. corddry is funny as usual though.