Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Informers

80's debauchery and numbness

this film was made rather poorly. a few times during the screening i laughed at how bad some of the acting was. and the 'in your face' message the film tries to get across is just so dumb and out of date. oh man, we need to know right from wrong, we need to not be numb to what's going on around us!' its been done to death, and much better than this. the informers is based on the novel by bret easton ellis, who i definitely respect if for nothing else 'american psycho' was awesome. this film melts a bunch of stories together, and each person crosses paths in some way. most of it is pointless, and not shocking (as the filmmakers obviously seem intent on making it). its sad that this is brad renfro's last film before he died, because he didn't really go out with a bang on this one. mickey rourke is decent... playing himself basically. kim basinger and wynona rider look like shit, but that's not a bad thing. chris isaak was just annoying as a dickhead father trying to pick up teenagers in hawaii. mel raido was pretty good as bryan metro, a popular rock star. the ending was just retarded, and i just asked myself... "what's the point?"

5 stars because it exceeded my expectations based on the horrible reviews i had read going in.

Friday, April 24, 2009


good italian crime drama

apparantly based on the very real and serious camorra gang. the film features 5 different stories that involve the gang and other insidious acts. the most interesing story in my opinion is the tailor who gets involved with chinese gangsters to teach. he goes from creating hollywood gowns to working as a trucker, to escape the gangster life. the film was made with a documentary style, using virtually no music. there is a lot of win in this film, and each story holds on its own. it gets a bit slow at times, but there is a lot of violence and nudity to break up the boredom. this film is far more powerful than most gangster films being made today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead


i'm a huge troma and lloyd kaufman fan. i remember renting horrible films like redneck zombies, sgt. kabukiman, and cannibal the musical as a teen, and i still am an avid fan. poultrygeist is an epic film, much like terror firmer before it. lloyd and his wife even spent their savings to make this awesome horror/comedy musical! the story is amazing, a fast food chicken place moves into tromaville, and build the newest store on an indian burial ground. all hell breaks loose soon as the chicken starts infecting people turning them into chicken zombies. the film is actually a very smart satire on the fast food industry, and the treatment of native americans. arbie and wendy are former high school lovers who find themselves on opposite sides of the chicken/indian debate as wendy turns out to be a militant lesbian out to crush megacorporations. while arbie wants to win her back by working at the very restaurant she hates! the music in the film is actually really catchy and i liked it all. lloyd himself gives a great performance. of course there are TONS of gross out moments, lots of boobs, shit splattering all the walls, the infamous car flip scene, and other atrocities that make troma films great! its a shame that this film was pirated so early on, hopefully more people will choose to support independent art by purchasing poultrygeist from i sure hope lloyd keeps making films, because this may just be his best to date.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sin Nombre

depressing, but important

sin nombre is the story of a honduran family attemtpting to get to the u.s. by any means necessary. the girl sayra meets a young mexican man who is also trying to escape his situation.
willy is a gangbanger who kills his boss when he attempts to rape sayra, and she is forever grateful. willy and sayra end up on an adventure north, while trying not to get killed or caught. the film is really beautiful in many ways. the scenery, but also the actors. sayra and willy's girlfriend look amazing. this is a little distracting to the film, but not too bad. the film ends rather ubruptly, which isn't bad either, but i can see how it may not satisfy everyone. there are many good performances as well. the 2 leads did a great job.

sin nombre shows (again) the harsh realities that south/central americans face today. seeing things like this make me very upset... for one thing, the united states should be doing more to help mexico to improve thier conditions and solve the gang problems. instead we're waging wars across the world and trying to help people that aren't even close to being our neighbors. oh, they have resources we need? fuck it, let's do something. its upsetting as hell.

my ex was a mexican immigrant and i know many are good people in search of work/money that they can't get at home. no wonder so many people want to come to america. i just wish more was being done to improve their country, instead of blaming the individuals who want to escape from it all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Observe and Report

tragedy and comedy collide

first off, i fucking love jody hill now. first he made the great film "the foot fist way", then he created the hilarious hbo series "eastbound and down", and now he presents observe and report. the guys who produce these films really know how to make a funny movie, and add tragedy while making the audience care about everyday assholes! seriously, the main character in all 3 of these projects is a jerk by most standards, but has redeeming qualities that make us want them to succeed. in observe, seth rogan plays a rent-a-cop at the local mall. he wants more in life, and is given a golden opportunity by pursuing a flashing pervert. oh, and he's bipolar, which is a big problem that he struggles with. he's also trying to win the heart of a slut who wants nothing to do with him and become a real police officer at the same time. the film is hilarious! however, there were a few parts where i could feel my eyes start to swell with faint tears. even during these tragic moments i didn't want the laughs to flare up, they were welcome. seriously, this is a good movie and the best of jody hill's works so far.

watch for an awesome cameo from longtime jody hill collaborators ben best, and danny mcbride.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29

boring, slight and pretty dumb sports doc

harvard beats yale is the story of the impressive comeback TIE between the 2 ivy league schools in 1968. the story is pretty cool and historic, but the execution of this documentary is not. the interviews aren't very informative or entertaining, and the only real footage shown is from the actual game... grainy film from the 60's. there isn't much to this one at all. tommy lee jones (who played for harvard) is wasted as well. i enjoyed seeing the important parts of the game, and i appreciated the story as an avid football fan, but this was overall a waste.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


more drama than hilarity

adventureland is a comedy about growing up, figuring it all out, and the complicated nature of relationships. james is a grad school student who is forced to take a shitty theme park job to pay for his education. there he meets lots of people and has many experiences that shape him, although it is all around horrible. there is a fair amount of drama for this seemingly hilarious film, including a love triangle, a cheating husband, anti-semitism, and other highly volitile material. it works great. bill hader shines as the park manager.

Friday, April 3, 2009

We Own the Night

decent cops vs. drug dealers drama

i was interested in seeing we own the night after i saw james gray's two lovers. jaoquin phoenix is pretty good once again as the son of a lifelong cop who is trying to run a successful brooklyn nightclub. drug deals go down, but he doesn't get involved... until his cop brother mark walberg forces his way into his life. robert duvall and eva mendes give the best performances in this film, while walberg and phoenix are on and off at times. the film is gritty, but forgettable and the ending pretty much sucked.

The Great Buck Howard

john malkovic is good at least...

the great buck howard is the story of troy (annoyingly played by colin hanks) and his job working for the formerly famous mentalist buck howard (john malkovich). the main problem with this film is that the focus is on colin hanks and his attempt to become a writer, even while having a shitty job as buck howard's travel assistant. john malkovich gives another great performance as the mentalist who was based on the amazing kreskin, and the story is based on director sean mcginley's real experience with kreskin. the narrative should have been focused more on buck, and less on troy and his whiney ways. what has colin hanks done that didn't have him a whiney little bitch? seriously.