Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9

the way sci fi action should be

district 9 leaves us with plenty of questions, but that's a good thing. aliens arrive on earth and they can't leave cause their ship is broken. us caring humans give them a home and supplies for 20 years, until they become too much of a burden so they must be moved. the alien affairs people must relocate them, but the aliens aren't having it. the film touches on a bunch of social issues, as well as issues of the past involving the aparthied and holocaust, not to mention the importance of human life and monetary gains.
the film makes us care about the nameless 'prawns' in a way that most films don't even attempt. in independence day we didn't care... they were just here to kill us. but in district 9 they have human elements and i think it is awesome. the special effects are incredible, and it didn't seem like a typical hollywood big budget cgi fest. the film was made by south africans, with local talent, which was a good thing too. this is a smart action film with awesome visuals that don't overpower the story. there is an equal amount of style and substance in my opinion.

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