Friday, August 28, 2009

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

will ferrell is losing teh funny

the goods should be a funny movie. it's jeremy piven and a bunch of funny people playing sleazy car salesmen. good premise to be sure. but the movie isn't funny at all! the least funny person in the whole fucking movie? will ferrell, who also produced this piece of shit. how does that happen? he figures, "i'll show up and wear some silly facial hair and do something completely unfunny, and it'll be a blast!" his character is the worst ever. but anyways...
this film is a typical cliche fest. there are 4 car salesmen who travel around helping struggling dealerships move cars. it's kinda like the group of 4 anchormen in 'anchorman', but not at all funny. jeremy piven is the main dude who can sell anything to anyone, but is looking for a family now that he's getting older. of course he gets the girl and the dealership they're trying to save in the end does well. nothing original to the story at all... and like i said several times, IT'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY. wtf is going on now? they figure we'll get a bunch of telented people in a movie and not even worry if the audience is laughing or not? this is awful.
4 stars cause craig robinson is kinda funny, and i like jeremy piven for some reason. also, what the fuck was with james brolin and alan thicke? they were in the movie for no reason, cause they didn't provide any lulz at all. horrible waste of cameo spots.

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