Monday, August 17, 2009

Halloween (2007)

entertaining, over the top splatterfest

rob zombie adds some background and depth to michael myers in this reboot/remake of halloween. the opening scene is so entertaining and over the top that it got me hooked real fast. the rest of the movie however went a bit slower and after the first few slashings it wasn't too original. even with the added backstory, we still don't know much about michael myers. in some ways that's good, but it also left me feeling cheated a bit for caring about his childhood which revealed little.
still, this is a fun remake, much like the new friday the 13th and my bloody valentine. i hope zombie doesn't take this film too seriously, because it was more silly than disturbing. also, it's always fun seeing classic b-movie stars in rob zombie's films, and of course his wife has a big part too.

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