Sunday, August 16, 2009

Godzilla: Final Wars (Gojira: Fainaru uôzu)

godzilla vs. everyone

i quite enjoy the millenium series godzilla films. this one had a big budget, and some impressive special effects. don frye (mma fighter) even stars as an american captain guy. godzilla basically takes on a shit-ton of monsters in final wars. these bad aliens come down and destroy a bunch of monsters from destroying the world, but it turns out that they control them, and they are trying to take over the world... but earthlings have themselves a special weapon... GODZILLA. they unleash him from his south pole jail place and he destroys them all. pretty badass.
there are some dull parts, and lots of action involving humans (which isn't nearly as cool as the monster fights) so that prolongs the film a bit. i'd say it goes on 20 minutes too long... otherwise good godzilla fare.

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