Monday, August 10, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

realistic story about love

how often do we see a really realistic approach to relationships in film? not as often as we think. 500 days of summer is a film about the ups and downs of love. tom (played by joseph gordon levitt) is a normal guy, he believes in true love and is very lonely until he meets summer (played by the increasingly annoying zooey deschanel). she on the other hand doesn't believe in true love and isn't looking for a relationship. the two become a couple and she sends mixed signals about how things are going. tom wants to be a couple and be together forever, while summer isn't looking for anything serious. they break up, and tom tries to get her back and lots of other stuff happens. it's not a hollywood approach to romance at all. we see tom's struggle and frustration, as well as summer's perspective on the situation. the narrative is interesting as well. we see many events from the so called 500 days in question, and each is labeled by what day it is, so we jump back and forth between events. it's all done in a rather clever and entertaining way. there are plenty of funny and sad moments in 500 days of summer, as well as some quirky ones, but they work very, very well. the big dance number is both funny and very relevant to the story. i'd recommend this film to people who are trying to get over their ex, in a committed relationship, or just anyone who's ever been in love in their life.

the only thing i didn't really like about this film was zooey deschanel. she's not that amazing, and her antics get old fast in all her movies. see gigantic and elf. exact same character as in this. i love joseph gordon levitt, he's becoming one of my favorite actors now.

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