Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Lookout

good crime drama

joseph gordon-levitt stars in the lookout as chris pratt, a 20 something man who got in a car accident (completely his own fault) and has severe head trauma. this leaves him with some memory loss and an inability to lead a normal life that he wants. before the accident he was the big man on campus, with a very bright future ahead of him. he works for a bank as a janitor, and gets involved with some criminals looking to rob the bank. the film has a lot of implausible circumstances, and a few cliches... but overall it is entertaining and has just the right amount of tragedy/drama to make it deeper than your average bank heist movie. joseph levitt is good as usual, and jeff bridges (who plays his blind roomate) is good too. isla fisher is not convincing as a hooker pretending to be chris' boyfriend, but i generally don't like her anyways.

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