Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Serious Man

best coen brothers movie ever?

the latest film from the coen brothers is certainly one of their least marketable. surprisingly with all their success, they still can make great low budget films with more artistic style and less conventional plots. michael stuhlbarg stars as larry gopnik, a jewish man in the 60's who is basically getting shit on from all over the place. he is searching for answers from neighbors and rabbis, but nothing is adding up. much like how god seems to act in reality (if he exists). the film overall is amazing to watch, there is some great black comedy and amazingly poignant moments. so much of the plot and dialogue involve judaism, and i love that the coens didn't dumb it down for mainstream audiences. i didn't understand a few things, but that's fine. the acting, cinematography, and scenery are amazing, and the ending is perfect imho.

first 10 star revie
w since starting this blog. yusss

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

fast cars, hot women, and violence.

faster pussycat is an epic cult classic, and one of russ meyer's best. varla, rosie, and billie are 3 hot chicks who drive fast cars, and are looking for trouble. varla, played awesomely by tura satana, is the leader who is making all the decisions. they end up getting into trouble by killing a guy whom they encounter racing his car in the desert. they kidnap his distraught girlfriend and head on the lam until they encounter an elderly crippled man who has a stash of money in his house. the film is very talky, with some of the most campy yet awesome dialogue i've ever witnessed. the film is quite quotable, there are some horribly awesome action scenes, and of course a few gorgeous/buxom violent women seal the deal. truth be told this is the first russ meyer film i've ever seen all the way through, and i'm glad i started with this classic. i liked it in the same way i enjoy john waters' films. it's campy.


woody harrelson killing zombies on an epic quest for some twinkies

yes, the fatty snack food... anyways, zombieland is a fun action packed zombie film similar to shaun of the dead. jesse eisenberg stars as columbus, a loner college kid who somehow is still surviving the zombie apocalypse. he meets up with a somewhat unbalanced psycho zombie killer (woody harrelson) and they continue their quest through 'zombieland' together in search of unblemeshed land, and twinkies. they meet up with 2 girls, emma stone and abigail breslin (whom i can't stand btw) and horror/comedy ensues. a really fun and cool movie, with some originality even, which is weird since there are so many damn zombie films now (george romero has to be up to 20 now, i swear). there are some really good scenes, and great use of high FPS camera. the product placements were a bit much though (fedex ffs) but not horrendous. also, the celeb cameo (which i guess is supposed to be a big secret) is awesome!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Street Trash

street bums, napalm hooch, necrophilia, and much more!

street trash is a decent 80's b-movie. freddy (our protagonist) is a bum who runs around trying to score cheap alcohol, cash, and easy women on the streets of new york. meanwhile a liquor store owner uncovers some really old bottles of booze called 'viper'. turns out this stuff turns anyone into liquid from drinking just a sip! so, bums start melting all over, and some shitty cop is hunting down a killer. meanwhile freddy is just trying to get his fuck on with a drunken whore whom he eventually date rapes! once he's done with her the other bums (who behave more like zombies than actual humans) rape and kill her... then this fat ass junkyard owner finds her dead body, and he rapes her! more people end up melting in an awesome display of b-movie special effects. lots of liquid body parts, ooze dripping from people's bowels, etc. one of the funnier scenes was when the leader of the bums gets peed on and he instinctively cuts off the pee'er's dick and the bums play keep away with it! awesome. the filmmakers probably had some deeper message with this film, probably about homeless people and alcohol or something, but it isn't too prevalent. this is entertaining, but the acting and dialogue are so horrible at times.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Baader Meinhof Complex (Der Baader Meinhof Komplex)

well made, but...

the baader meinhof complex is based on the true story of anarchist rebels andreas baader and ulrike meinhof, and their rise to power in 70's germany, and their international following. the film is very well made, and good. the subject matter however is aggrevating. the filmmakers however seem to idolize these people, and i found them to be completely reprehensible. sure the world was full of shit at the time (still is by the way), and these people stood up against it in their own fucked up way... but what did they actually change? nothing. they were terrorists with giant egos and no true sense of reality. i noticed that several terrorists (RFA fighters) shot at cops, but the instant that they were wrestled to the ground we heard them moan in agony from the pain! wtf? dude just killed a bunch of guys, but we're supposed to feel sorry for them when they're taken down and handcuffed? i think the filmmakers failed to make a strong enough case for these people. they all came off as ignorant idealistic college kids who we should love and respect. i didn't buy it. we were supposed to feel sorry for them when they were jailed in solitary confinement. the people fucking used pipe bombs and stole cars!

like i said though, the film was very well made, especially the special effects. there are some great bullet wounds that are incredibly realistic. the movie also goes very long, around 2.5 hours!


awesome animation, design and concept, but......

9 is a cgi animated film about 9 ragdolls, created by a scientist, living in a post-apocalyptic world trying to survive. the final ragdoll creature '#9' (voiced by elijah wood) has just awoken in this strange place and he meets up with some of the others. they all can speak and think like humans, but are small and have different personalities. they are on the run from an evil creature, until #9 accidentally unleashes something much larger and fierce. the leader #1 (christopher plummer) is stubborn and refuses to let the others try to save #2 (martin landau) when he is captured, blah blah blah. the story is slight, but full of good action and beautiful animation. the main problem is the fucking ending! jesus, it was horrible. i won't give it away, but let me say that it was not at all satisfying. that's not necessarily the point of this film, but damn it was a letdown.

on the plus side, the voices are good, especially john c. reilly (#5) and crispin glover (#6). anything crispin is in becomes instantly improved, so i can't fault this film too much.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Fan

patton oswalt impresses

in big fan, patton oswalt plays (quite convincingly) paul aufierio, a 30 something man whose only real passions in life are the new york football giants, and calling in a local sports radio show to talk smack on the air. along with his friend sal, played by one of my favorites kevin corrigan, they devote all their time to cheering for their favorite football team. paul is a pathetic loser to most, but he doesn't see himself that way. he lives with his mother still, doesn't own a car, and has a shitty job as a parking attendant on staton island. he doesn't want a life like his brother, who is a seedy lawyer that dumped his wife for his mistress. things change drastically for paul when he and sal follow their favorite giants player to a strip club, and he gets his ass kicked by his hero. now he doesn't want to press charges, because this will hurt his team! the film is mostly a drama, even though the material is often humorous. paul is a great character. he is a total loser, we hear people like him on the radio every day, but 'big fan' gives him depth. paul goes so far for his passion on the radio and for the giants that he takes some drastic measures towards the end of the film. the only problems i had with the film were the unresolved conflicts in the story. i really like how true to football fans this movie is. they don't do the typical hollywood bullshit, the filmmakers know their stuff and the details are spot on. overall it is worth a look.