Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Wrestler

kinda like rocky, but good.

darren aronofsky's latest film isn't about the harsh realities of professional wrestling, or about redemption... its really about one man's struggle with what's real and what is fake. much like the "sport" of pro wrestling. mickey rourke is fucking good. that's all there is to say about his performance as randy the ram. he looks like shit, and plays the best 'broken down washed up deadbeat former superstar" ever. he made this film so great! i was a fan of pro wrestling when i was a kid, like so many others... and i saw Beyond the Mat a long time ago, so i was aware of the fucked up nature of it all... but this film takes the struggle and misery to a whole new level. there are many tear jerking moments in this film, and Marisa Tomei even delivers as an aging stripper. with a child to take care of, she doesn't want to fall in love with the ram, because she thinks he can't tell the real world from her stripper world. it works really well. i really love darren aronofsky films, he is probably still my favorite director right now, and this is a great film. i wonder if he has lost some of his unique touches that made pi and requiem for a dream so amazing. no matter, i HIGHLY recommend the wrestler.

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