Wednesday, January 7, 2009


good performances, but not a whole lot to the story

who doesn't love philip seymour hoffman anyways? he's great in anything he does... that much seems obvious. oh, and meryl streep. her too, same thing. so, put them in a very talky drama involving a catholic priest and nun arguing and dealing with difficult issues that may or may not involve sexual molestation and homosexuality, and you have.... meh. the story is simple and doesn't really need to be told in a 2 hour drama. almost nothing happens, and you either believe father flynn, or don't. hoffman plays father flynn, a seemingly nice and innocent priest who has taken a shine to the new black student donald muller (played by the amazing joseph foster). one nun suspects something is up when the boy leaves class to have a private meeting with the priest, then gossip spreads and father flynn fears his reputation is ruined. there's obviously more to the story, but nothing earth shattering. overall i just said, meh.

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