Monday, January 5, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire


when i heard about danny boyle's 'slumdog millionaire' i was definitely intrigued. the story follows jamal on his awesome journey from poverty and petty crime to making it to the final question on "who want's to be a millionaire?". jamal and his brother salim are alone on the streets of mumbai in search of food and money. through a series of events they become seperated and jamal's only goal is to be reunited with his childhood friend and love latika. meanwhile his brother grows up into a life of crime and tries his damndest to fuck everything up for the 2 of them. the movie is amazing in my opinion. there is a very visceral quality in the film that makes us want to be like jamal... to do anything to be with that ONE special person. its fate that led him to the gameshow, and led him all the way to the final question. i loved this film all the way through. the music is pretty good too, and the actors all did a great job. wow.

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