Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

benjamin ... gump?

so i finally caved in and saw the latest brad pitt/david fincher movie... i have to admit that it was very good for the most part. i definitely teared up multiple times throughout, as benjamin saw everything in his life leave him. people die, relationships end, and people disappear... its very depressing to me, even if it is just a movie, we see this all the time in our lives.

PROBLEMS: the daughter and her mother in the hospital reading the diary. this was not necessary to tie the story together. its like fucking titanic, saving private ryan, schindler's list, etc. i am fucking sick of modern people telling the stories of the past. that's why we're watching the film, we are watching the story already, no need to see the people telling it again.
also, there was one of the worst product placements ever in the film... for jell-o. and it was 3 fucking hours and the ending was disappointing!

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