Thursday, January 8, 2009

In the Realms of the Unreal

average documentary about an extraordinary person

i first heard about henry darger only a few weeks ago... but i knew i wanted to learn his story. darger was a simple man who worked labor intensive jobs his entire life in chicago. no one really knew him well, and he kept to himself mostly... but in his apartment while he was alone he created some amazing art and wrote a novel literally thousands of pages long. henry darger was a 'simple' man, and thought to have mental problems, but he taught himself how to draw and paint his imaginary world. he wrote and painted about an imaginary land called "the realms of the unreal" and the main characters were the vivian girls. its a really amazing feat this man accomplished, but no one learned about his work until after he died! crazy stuff. the documentary didn't really add a whole lot to the story or the man, but did feature quite a lot of henry's artwork. he used colors and space really well, and the images are really awesome! even though he has some issues with genetalia, his work is what i consider to be really artistic and appealing. i loved the art and the sections from his novel a lot. the interviews were less than stellar for the most part however. i'd highly recommend looking up henry darger, and this documentary does have a lot of useful information.

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