Saturday, January 3, 2009

Garden (Gan)

good story of friendship/drugs/prostitution

i'm not so sure how real this documentary is, but as a dramatic piece of film its pretty good. Dudu and Nino are friends who are living on the streets of Tel Aviv Israel trying to survive by any means necessary. they are both prostitutes, and battle with crime, drugs, and the authority on a daily basis. i kinda have a hard time believing this is genuine because the story seems to unfold too conveniently. nino gets arrested for mugging and selling drugs, and is in worse trouble because he is palistinian, meanwhile dudu gets off drugs in order to help his friend nino set his life straight. if it is all real, it is very good drama and sheds a light on the area known as the garden. the friendship between the 2 guys is really touching, and i saw their humanity. like i said, good drama, good friends, and depressing subject material, but i'm not so sure it was all real.

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