Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bob Roberts

more disturbing than funny, but very good

tim robbins made one of the most controversial movies in the nineties with 'bob roberts'. i remember when it came out in theaters many people who i knew (including my parents) said they would refuse to see it, and disliked tim from then on. bob roberts the film bashes conservatives its true, but justifiably so, especially for the time this film was made. its a scathing look at the political machine and the making of a superstar candidate who people rally behind, even though his message is very dangerous and hateful. the conservatives blamed so many things on welfare and drugs in the nineties, and this film was really spot on in many respects. tim robbins is amazing as bob, and even though its obvious that we're supposed to hate this man tim doesn't go over the top at all. the film is a mockumentary in which we follow bob roberts, a "self made" millionaire folk singer, through his campaign for u.s. congress and one journalist who tries to take him down. through shady and despicable acts he tries to come out on top.

lots of celebrity cameos including james spader, susan sarandon, jack black, john cusack, bob balaban, helen hunt, and peter gallagher.

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