Saturday, January 10, 2009

Matchstick Men

pretty good con-man flick

matchstick men doesn't really add anything terribly new to the genre, but still features some great performances. i pretty much can't stand nicolas cage 80% of the time... but in this he is very good. he plays a con man who has many (many) nervous ticks and obsessive compulsions. he and his partner, played by one of my favorite actors Sam Rockwell, and his newly discovered daughter, Alison Lohman, con people in interesting ways... that's always fun in movies. watching con-men work... anyways, there is a big twist in this movie (which con movie doesn't have this right?), but its pretty obvious early on what's going on. the ending felt a little too "hollywoodish" too. doesn't matter, this is a pretty good ridley scott film with good performances. worth seeing.

also: why do we always love movies with twists in the end? its gotta be because we feel so smart for "getting it" when everything is said and done. if you're looking for a really good con-artist movie, check out
House of Games.

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