Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience

hyper realistic, but without purpose

the girlfriend experience is the latest film by steven soderbergh, who is generally hit and miss as a filmmaker. this is a miss on his part. the film is only 79 minutes, and almost all of them pointless. sasha grey (the pornstar) stars as chelsea, a high end hooker/girlfriend experience chick. meanwhile she has a real boyfriend who's ok with this all cause she makes great money. that's the whole film basically. it's shot kinda like a documentary, but the best part is the very realistic acting. the conversations are incredibly realistic, and seem unrehearsed. that's the good part, otherwise it's just a pointless little film. the story takes place during the 2008 presidential election for some reason. so there's tons ot discussion about the election, the economy, the state of israel, etc. but it serves absolutely no purpose. there isn't much conflict, and the film ends with us wondering why the hell we wasted our time.
by the way roger ebert gave this film 4 stars. he is quite the prostitute. any indie film that's not in the mainstream gets a great review. so damn annoying.

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