Sunday, May 24, 2009


great coming of age tale, with some brilliant acting

ok, so it's been done before... a seemingly normal family has plenty of problems beneath the surface, but lymelife is fresh and original in many ways, and is very well done. scott bartlett (wonderfully portrayed by rory culkin) is a long island kid who is pursuing his first big crush, meanwhile his parents are having many problems including infidelity. adrianna is scott's love interest, and her parents are having plenty of problems as well. her father has lyme disease (hence the interesting title) and her mom is cheating with scott's father (alec baldwin). every actor does a very good job in this film, and there are a few funny parts that ease the tension.
it was fun seeing scott get his first love and the struggles of growing up, as it reminded me of my youth. alec baldwin and jill hennessey have a few great "fight" scenes, that seem a bit too real and that's what makes them so great. the film overall is unsettling and kinda depressing, but so well done that i thoroughly enjoyed it.
some of the best scenes featured kieran and rory culkin bickering like brothers... which they obviously are, so they were entertaining as hell.

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