Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In a Dream

artists... fucking pretentious artists.

i consider myself an artist of sorts... however i don't have illusions of grandeur and self righteousness because i create things. isaiah zager however is obsessed with himself and his art. he is the epitome of why i generally do not like artists. he's an aging hippy who thinks his art (that he's plastered all over philadelphia in the form of mosaic murals) is so amazing that we all should know everything about it. don't get me wrong, his art is often amazing. it is quite repetative and unoriginal however... but that's not really the point. the point is that he creates art because that's what he's passionate about. that's awesome, but he lives in a fantasy world where he is the greatest artist and his legacy will not end.

this documentary starts out as a chronicle about isaiah and his life's work, but sharply turns into a hippy melodrama about him and his wife of 40 years seperating. it's not really interesting because we hardly know these people. he ends up cheating on her because she's not passionate anymore... but it's obvious that he just wants some new pussy! he puts up a facade of being this larger than life artist, but in reality he's just a man like the rest of us. in the film we see isaiah creating art all the time... but come on, how many times do we need to see him mixing colors, transferring clay from wheelbarrow to bucket, and breaking glass? we get it, it consumes him. the documentary was made by his son, and it shows. the kid doesn't know how to structure a good documentary, and is too involved with the cast (they are his family after all). i was bored, disturbed, and apathetic throughout this film.

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