Sunday, May 3, 2009


great for star wars geeks

i am no longer a star wars fanboy, although i was pretty into it when i was a kid. the characters in fanboys are often hilarious interpretations of these people. fanboys is the story of 4 friends who are on a quest to see episode 1, the phantom menace before anyone else does, back in 1998. there are many star wars jokes to be had, even though many of them fall flat. there seems to be a little too much drama for this kind of movie too. the best parts are with seth rogan, as a trekkie and as a pimp obsessed with star wars! a few other cameos include: danny mcbride, will forte, craig robinson, danny trejo, kevin smith, jason mewes, the donkey fucker from clerks II, carrie fisher, billy dee williams, and of course william shatner! i think actual fans will like this the most, despite its flaws.

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