Friday, May 15, 2009

Is Anybody There?

good payoff

is anybody there? is the story of a kid named edward who's obsessed with death... or at least what happens after we die. he lives with his parents in an old folks home, so he sees people die all the time. clarence, a former magician (played by the awesome michael caine) moves in and eventually befriends young edward. he is a very depressed man who is losing his memory and wants to die because of all the regrets he has, including missing his own wife's funeral. the film is both sad and funny, but mostly a drama. michael caine is great as always, and the kid who plays edward is very convincing. however, for the most part the film doesn't really go anywhere and is pointless. it's all good by the end though. i shed a tear or two even as clarence grew old and senile right before our eyes. i was expecting a twist as there is "magic" involved, but i was happy there was none. the film gives a convincing portrayal of elderly people, and the pain that comes from aging alone. good stuff.

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