Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Tripper

political horror? this may get ugly...

so david arquette decided to make a horror film that is a scathing expose on the right wing conservative movement. we end up with the tripper... which features a serial killer who dresses up like ronald reagan, anti environmentalist loggers setting booby traps, a greedy concert promoter, a jealous right wing ex-boyfriend with a gun, and many more retarded little elements that don't do anything but push the agenda of the film (which i have no problem with btw). all this is supposed to be gripping political fodder... but of course it is not. it's just another slasher film, and some disjointed hippie vs. redneck mayhem thrown in.
the story is simple: group of teens head into the woods for a woodstock style festival with a bunch of hippie people. but there may be a killer on the loose, so the show gets shut down and people still party and die anyways. blah blah blah. seems like any friday the 13th film.
arquette has nothing original to say, and his direction was quite amateurish to say the least. the shots of hippie after hippie getting high was very lame. now there are some good things in the tripper to be sure. including jason mewes as a stoner who gets his hand cut off. his response to this act is, "WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?" and paul reubens is good as the sleezy festival promoter. david arquette has a small role as a redneck, and has top billing in the final credits as it is 'alphabetical'. what a douche.

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