Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sita Sings the Blues

flash animation with repetative jazz songs

this movie got on my nerves at times. sure the animation is good, the singing is good, and the story is good... but it's very repetative, and mostly forgettable. the story is based on an ancient indian tale of sita and rama... sita loved rama unconditionally, she gets kidnapped and can't wait for him to save her. when he does he shuns her thinking she's a slut, even though she was loyal to him. til one day she has mother earth swallow her in her womb. cool. but the singing! god did it get annoying over time. it didn't even fit in at all, even though (in true musical fashion) it kept the story going along. meanwhile in the film we see a modern american couple who's going through a similar problem. there are 4-5 different animation styles in the film, and there are 3 narrators who speak like normal gossiping people about what they think really happened, etc. decent setup, but i just don't think this was my kind of movie.

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