Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek

amazing scifi action, and a great new beginning.

i am not a trekkie, or trekker, but i do appreciate the original series quite a bit. shatner, nemoy and deforest kelley were awesome. their chemistry made the series, and the films so great. this new one has a lot of that same chemistry, as well as superb special effects!

this reboot of star trek by jj abrams is awesome. that's a good way to describe a film such as this. the scope and scale are impressive. we see the beginnings of the U.S.S. enterprise, and the life of james t. kirk from birth. the origins and whatnot is very cool. the romulans are good bad guys, especially eric bana. the effects are awesome, way better than any other star trek film. chris pine is great as kirk, and most of the rest of the crew of the enterprise are excellent. john cho is forgettable as mr. sulu however. the story is a little convoluted with the future spock (leonard nemoy is excellent however) and the friendship stuff... but overall it's the best star trek film i've seen, and i hope they make more in the same vain.

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