Friday, July 17, 2009

The Hurt Locker

best war movie in years

the hurt locker is more of an action thriller than a war movie... but the film does say a lot about modern warfare, and war in general. the film feels very genuine, and i'm sure the filmmakers did a lot of research.
jeremy renner plays sgt. james, a bomb diffuser in the iraq war. he and his unit must disarm EOD's in the during warfare. a very fucking intense job! james is the best at it, and he gets a thrill out of his assignment. the other members of his unit become wary of his dangerous tactics. throughout the film james disarms bombs and helps to take out iraqi snipers like a true action hero, just not as glamorous. jeremy renner does a great job in this role. i'd only seen him in the film 'dahmer' and the shitty 'senior trip', so this is quite a leap for him. he does great as a leading actor in the hurt locker. the film made me realize just how intense and dangerous war is. i mean, i'm not an idiot who doesn't know war is hell... but man, this is shows just how brave, scared, and overall insane some of these guys are. i wouldn't describe this film as "anti-war", but it certainly shows enough fucked up shit that happens to make me think that life is too short to spend it killing eachother. these thoughts have been with me for years, but seeing a film like the hurt locker makes me realize this even more.

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