Sunday, July 5, 2009

Year One

how does a pile of shit like this get made?

going into year one, i had low expectations. i thought the trailers looked decent, but when the reviews came out i knew i wouldn't be getting grade 'a' comedy. even so, this is the worst film i've seen in years. harold ramis somehow forgot how to make a funny movie, let alone at all coherant. all the jokes are stale, and feel like rehashed life of brian/history of the world part 1 bits. the biblical setting is pointless, as most of the jokes and gags fall flat in any setting. i tried to laugh a few times, but this film isn't fucking funny! michael cera and jack black play their typical characters. david cross, oliver platt, paul rudd, harold ramis, and many other actors are wasted in this shit fest. the story is retarded, slight, unfunny, etc. i think the writers had a decent idea, early man who talk and act a lot like modern people and therefore can make fun of the past, but stretched into more than 10 minutes it gets old and dumb fast. god i hated this film. nothing redeeming about it at all. i can't believe judd apatow had anything to do with it.

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