Thursday, July 23, 2009

Food, Inc.

very important documentary, even if it is a bit preachy

let me start by saying that much of the information in this documentary i already knew. i was a vegan/vegetarian for a good 5 years of my life, and seeing things like this make me wonder why i am no longer. food, inc. is a documentary on the modern food industry. it's more or less an expose that shows us plenty of shit that we simply don't know about the food we eat. even with some knowledge of this stuff, there was PLENTY to shock me in food, inc. almost all the food we eat comes from very few companies... but travels thousands of miles to get to us. the cheapest foods are the least healthy, even though they do the most harm to us, the environment, and use up plenty of resources. slaughter house workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in america, and companies purposely place them in poor areas of states and hire illegal immigrants so they won't complain. the food industry has us by the balls and they know it. your hamburger is made from cows from various parts of the world, they are grown too big and too fast so their bodies break down before they're killed. factory farming is the worst. raising cows and chickens for food, that's not a problem at all... but the way the factory farms do it with incredible efficiency and speed is insane. the hormones and drugs and unnatural foods they feed these animals is insane. the food companies control everything, and many of the appointed officials in the fda and usda have worked for these giant food companies. the film has so much information that i can't go into all the incredible details, but please see this fucking movie if you care at all about your health, the world's health, animals, the environment, etc. this isn't a michael moore 'gotcha' style documentary, it's based on facts, and the makers investigated thoroughly.

this movie won't change lives for the most part, but hopefully it will make people realize what's going on behind the scenes. the food industry is getting out of control, and change is necessary. buying organic, local, in season, etc. are all good ways to show the industry what we consumers want to have happen. this is kinda the message of the film, and i happen to agree. there's no need to go vegan/vegetarian in my opinion, but there are much better, healthier, environmentally sound options out there and it's worth looking into.

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