Monday, July 20, 2009

Wristcutters: A Love Story

unique take on suicide and romance

zia (Patrick Fugit) and desiree (Leslie Bibb) break up... zia ends up killing himself and wakes up in some strange new world with other people who offed themselves. in this place no one can smile, and there are plenty of strange happenings at all times, including a black hole that is located within a car that eats anything that is dropped. zia finds out that desiree has also killed herself so he and his friend eugene (Shea Whigham) embark on a road trip to find her. on the way they meet mikal who believes she is there by mistake. the film is very enjoyable, and unique, but not annoyingly quirky. tom waits and will arnett show up in smaller roles, but it's always fun to see either of them. i was kinda hoping this film would be very dark and morbid/depressing, but it was actually fun and somewhat lighthearted. but it worked well.

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