Sunday, July 26, 2009


beautifully shot, but gets a bit bogged down at times

revanche is an austrian film about a man whose entire life changes in an instant. alex and his girlfriend tamara are trying to escape their debt and life. she works as a hooker in a brothel, while alex does odd jobs at the same place. he comes up with a plan to rob a small town bank with an unloaded gun. things go wrong (tamara ends up getting shot by a stray bullet and is just at the wrong place at the wrong time) and alex can't stop thinking about taking revenge on the one man who fucked everything up. the 2nd half of the film is quite tedious and seems to go on forever. alex moves in with his grandfather on his farm, and he takes care of things for him. he chops wood and tends the farm animals (some of the most tedious parts of the film). alex finds the cop who shot his girlfriend and doesn't realize how the death has affected him. the cop is taking it just as bad as alex is. the film is very well made, and the cinematography in particular is very well done. other than the few gripes this is a very good film about revenge and chance. who is to blame when things go wrong? that's kinda the theme here.

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