Thursday, September 17, 2009


it's francis ford coppola, what did you expect?

tetro is the latest film from hit and miss "legendary" director francis ford coppola. other than the godfather I and II, i think all his films have major flaws that detract from the overall work. tetro is no different. vincent gallo plays the titular character who has obvious family issues to deal with. he fled his family and home when he was young to buenes aires, now his younger brother benny (played by alden ehrenreich) has gone on a trip of sorts to find him and understand his family better. when the brothers meet, tetro wants nothing to do with benny, or his family, and it's a mystery as to why. benny discovers tetro's secret writings and begins to learn more about his father (a famous composer) and their uncle. sibling rivalry is a big part of this film, and just family dynamics in general. the plot is very good, but goes on too long. there are at least 3 scenes where benny tries to confront tetro and tetro throws a fit... we get it, he wants to be left alone!
there is a twist in this film, and it's very good... but towards the end of the film it all falls apart. alden overacts, the script becomes way too convoluted and pretentious, and it just kills the goodwill they built up during the entire film. the film is in black and white, with flashbacks/dream sequences in color. i thought the music was often too upbeat for such a serious movie, but not too big of deal. i saw this film mostly cause i LOVE vincent gallo. everything he is in is better because of him. he's seriously my favorite, and he is great in this as well... even when the script gives him some shitty lines here and there.

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