Monday, September 21, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

jews killin nazis

quentin tarantino's latest opus started off as a remake of the italian film 'inglorious bastards', but i guess he decided to make an entirely different world war II film of the same title. the film is kinda 2 stories in one. one involves the said 'basterds' who are american jews on a mission to kill as many nazis as possible, and the other story is about shoshanna dreyfus, a jewish woman who escapes certain death and is plotting to kill the german elite. see, she now owns a movie theater in france where hitler and his cronies are going to screen a new propaganda film and she has the idea to burn it down with everyone still in it. meanwhile the allied forces have a similar plan and get the basterds to pull off the ambush. it's a tarantino film, so there's tons of dialogue, lots of it seems to be for no reason, but he built suspense rather well in this one. there was plenty of gore and funny moments, but not real comedy. i loved this film throughout... even though it was long as fuck. some of the best parts were the gore effects, like when the "bear jew" kills a guy by bashing in his skull with a baseball bat. pure awesome, and i love seeing jews kill nazi in 'defiance'. brad pitt and christoph waltz shine as the 2 main leads. i should also add that the style of the film is all over the place, and i like that. there is a good mix of english, german and french as well.

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