Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Killer (Dip huet seung hung)

the way action movies should be

the killer is one of john woo's best films. it's an action drama about a hitman with a heart. chow yun fat stars as ah jong, a long time contract killer who believes his victims are guilty of something so it is justified. he accidentally blinds a beautiful singer named jenny, whom he loves from afar. he cares about her so much and feels guilty, so he takes care of her and they fall in love. ah jong agrees to take one final contract so he can pay for jenny's cornea transplant surgery. this is where things go out of control! lots of gunfights, some explosions, blood and guts, and plenty of awesome. there are car chases involving the sergeant who is hot on the chase of ah jong. eventually the 2 become friends against a common enemy, new killers out to kill the titular character. ah jong learns that people all deserve to live, and what he's done is wrong. this doesn't stop him from killing a shit load of guys in the awesome final act though! this is my only complaint: the 2 main guys expressing their respect and friendship with eachother goes on too long... and the film in general is a little too long. it doesn't get boring at all however, which is great.
john woo sure can make a good action film, and the killer is a great example of this. even though it's 20 years old, it still kicks modern action movies asses.

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