Wednesday, September 9, 2009


disjointed romantic comedy/drama

steve zahn stars as mike, a lonely motel manager in a small arizona town. he meets sue (jennifer aniston), and falls in love with her immediately. mike is socially awkward and tries way too hard, but somehow sue sees something in him and the 2 hookup. once she goes home mike follows (more like stalks) her for the next few months. the 2 have chemistry, but both need to change in order for the relationship to work. eventually sue ends up with her ex-boyfriend jango, an ex-punk played by woody harrelson who provides stability. anyways, the film has some hilarious moments, especially when zahn meets his new friend al, who is especially funny. the film has some decent drama, but a lot of the plot elements seem tacked on especially when steve zahn becomes a buddhist monk. it's a good idea, but seemed to be added at the last minute, because it was almost pointless to the plot. also the characters seem to not act the way people would in the same situations, and that was kinda annoying. overall i enjoyed this film despite the flaws.
also, management features one of the worst uses of product placement i've ever seen was when sue and mike hand out burger king coupons and powerade to the homeless. that's so dispicable. 'omg burger king is saving the homeless! and we get to advertise to the world in a really cute way!' that really pissed me off too.

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