Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween II (2009)

crappy sequel

rob zombie isn't exactly a stellar director in my opinion. he does however make entertaining splatter films with lots of cameo appearances by old b-movie actors and somehow manages to flesh out characters rather well. halloween II is the sequel to the 2007 reboot of the michael myers saga which i rather enjoyed. this halloween gets a little more trippy with dream sequences, some bizarre white horse imagery and some random weirdness. michael is back (did anyone really believe he was dead?) and he's on a quest to find his kid sister, laurie, who "killed him" in the last movie. most of the kills are standard horror fare, and not really shocking by this point. the only original stuff involved the white horse and michael's dead mom and michael himself as a kid. they appear only in michael and laurie's heads.
malcolm mcdowell returns as dr. loomis who is now nothing more than a money grubbing asshole author looking to exploit the victims and entire michael myers story. he gets his in the end however. what sucked the most is that they featured young michael a lot in this film, but the original kid (the incredibly creepy Daeg Faerch, was replaced. apparantly it was because he got too old, but still, that killed the mood of the the scenes he was in. also there wasn't much of the classic halloween music in this one and that was a shame. overall a pretty poor sequel to a film that had potential to be better than the original.

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