Thursday, September 17, 2009


good, not great

i like mike judge's movies... not so much the cartoons, but movies are good. extract isn't as funny as office space or idiocracy unfortunately, but it is enjoyable to be sure. jason bateman (who i really like for some reason) stars as joel, the really likeable owner of a flavor extracts business. the business produces, bottles, and distributes the stuff in one building that joel basically built himself. unfortunately he's in a now sexless marriage and his life is getting kinda shitty. he meets a flirty girl (mila kunis) who he wants to maybe get with, but to feel comfortable about it he tries to get his wife to cheat first. turns out mila is a conwoman who is causing all kinds of problems for joel and his company when one employee gets his balls shot off in a freak accident at the plant, and she convinces him to sue for millions. gene simmons has a role as the greedy accident lawyer, and david koechner plays the incredibly nosy/annoying neighbor (rather well btw). the movie is very likeable, somewhat predictable, and never really hilarious or groundbreaking.

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