Monday, February 2, 2009

Revolutionary Road

american beauty 2

ok, its been done to death... people don't feel alive and feel like they are just machines waiting to die, and feel so much more important than all those "other" people who haven't figured it out. yeah yeah yeah. kate winslet and leo dicaprio are these people. a young married couple who feel like they are now trapped in suburban america and don't feel really alive. its a great premise, it always is, but i just felt that it has been done before and the characters (especially winslet) are just too damn pretentious. don't worry however, the film gets good late when winslet tells leo she hates him, and his world seems to fall apart. seriously, there are a few amazing scenes towards the end of the movie. leo is great as frank wheeler, and winslet is also good as his wife april. i just sided with frank's character and sympathized with him. maybe because i'm a guy and know what that situation is like. he wants to do well in his career and succeed, while his wife still has "fairy tale" dreams that are unrealistic for a married couple with kids. either way there is a lot of win in revolutionary road but also, unfortunately, some fail too.
*SPOILER* thebotched abortion that leads to death has been done enough. we get it, back alley/self induced abortions are bad. move on.

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