Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny Games (1997)

sadistic, surreal, and... fun?

i got way too much pleasure from watching Michael Haneke's original funny games. the 2 psychotic guys seem to be the protagonists, and its actually somewhat pleasurable watching them interact with the family they are torturing and holding captive. there are moments in the film where paul (arno frisch) looks at the audience and talks to us. its funny, and kinda cool. i like the little rewind feature as well. the film is mostly torture and drama, but there is a lot to break up the tension. what else makes this film unique and cool is that most of the murder/torture takes place off screen. we see other characters react, or not react, to the actions happening. made in austria in mostly german, this film delivers. this is definitely not a hollywood movie... nothing you would expect to happen does. michael haneke also made the remake in 2007 with american actors. that's cool, but the original is quite good.

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