Sunday, February 1, 2009

Code 46

ambitious low budget thriller...

doesn't quite deliver the goods. tim robbins (once again) does a good job as a detective in the not-so-far-off future. he's sent to shanghai to investigate a fraud involving "papers" that allow people to leave and enter areas. he meets a woman who he (seemingly inexplicably) falls in love with and they break 'code 46'. now, in the future cloning is common and there are laws against having sex with someone who's dna is too close to your own. that's what code 46, the code, is. the film is more about the future and genetic dispositions vs. human created willpower. think gattaca. the film works rather well, other than the fact that samantha morton (the female lead) is in no way attractive in the film, and i can't believe that her character and tim's would get along one bit. i really like morton in most of her stuff, but in code 46 she acts and looks like a punk with a buzzcut and almost no femenine characteristics. that doesn't matter too much, but it just doesn't work for this role in my opinion. the story on the other hand is really good, and despite the low budget they pull off a rather convincing glimpse into the future.

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