Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friday the 13th

topless wakeboarding (and a running jason?) i'm sold!

yep, another horror film remake. it's nothing new at all... but the execution (pun intended) of the friday the 13th remake was very successful. not only does jason really put on a good show, but the filmmakers weren't afraid to show boobs, gore, and other visceral stuff that made the 80's slasher films entertaining. the plot is dumb, the characters are incredibly shallow, and it's all predictable... but it's fun. so far this remake and my bloody valentine 3d have delivered. a few complaints however: waaay too many "shock" scenes where things are peaceful then a loud noise and the audience is startled. this works well when it doesn't happen like 20 times. also, why the fuck did the 2 survivors go back to the voorhees house when they were running from the bastard?

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