Monday, February 2, 2009


very good biopic

sean penn is great as harvey milk, an openly gay man elected to office. his story is one of triumph and tragedy, and sadly i wasn't very aware of the history going in. a fellow supervisor in san francisco, dan white (played by josh brolin) eventually murders harvey at the peak of the gay rights movement during the 70's. there are some excellent performances in MILK, most notable are james franco and emile hirsch. the film enraged me, but also educated about the struggle of gays in america. it seems we have come a long way from this time, but still seem far from actual equality... there are many groups and individuals that seek to silence gays as well as ruin their lives. i have met people on many occasions who say they have no problem with gays, "just don't get fucking near me", or "don't try to teach my kids about it". its ridiculous... but i hope this film encourages people, rather than further divide us regarding homosexuality.

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