Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dante 01

cube meets 964 pinnochio in french.

that's the best way to describe dante 01. its odd, takes place in a small location, and everyone is bald. marc caro directed this film, and that's why i was interested in seeing it. it was his first solo film, but his works with
Jean-Pierre Jeunet (delicatessen and city of lost children) are nothing short of amazing. unfortunately dante 01 is not. the film has a lot going for it... an interesting sci-fi story about a new passanger aboard a prison ship and he seems to have amazing healing powers. good setup, and even a pretty decent delivery throughout, but the ending was too outrageous and seemed thrown together at the last minute as to not go over-budget. most of the action takes place on the ship, and not a whole lot happens... but plenty of the prisoners have painful siezure-like problems and portray pain a lot, and it gets old fast.

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