Sunday, October 18, 2009


woody harrelson killing zombies on an epic quest for some twinkies

yes, the fatty snack food... anyways, zombieland is a fun action packed zombie film similar to shaun of the dead. jesse eisenberg stars as columbus, a loner college kid who somehow is still surviving the zombie apocalypse. he meets up with a somewhat unbalanced psycho zombie killer (woody harrelson) and they continue their quest through 'zombieland' together in search of unblemeshed land, and twinkies. they meet up with 2 girls, emma stone and abigail breslin (whom i can't stand btw) and horror/comedy ensues. a really fun and cool movie, with some originality even, which is weird since there are so many damn zombie films now (george romero has to be up to 20 now, i swear). there are some really good scenes, and great use of high FPS camera. the product placements were a bit much though (fedex ffs) but not horrendous. also, the celeb cameo (which i guess is supposed to be a big secret) is awesome!

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